Blending styles, uniting talents. And remaining faithful to your dream...

From Cannes’ hinterland to London flats, Provençale country houses or “architect’s houses”…
15 years since we have been advising and leaving our print and passion to interiors in search for soul.

Design under influence? Diverted classics?
Never mind the formula: by opening our showroom in Mougins, we have mainly opted for a blend of styles.
Melting pot for your inspirations, our showroom is an invitation to the exoticism of an eclectic Provence.
Laboratory for your projects, our design office allows for all arrangements, be it from Alpha to Omega.
Giving body to your unique dream: all audacities, all professions, all possibilities…

In 2017 we opened our Art Gallery in Mougins Village complementary to our interior design services.

Art gallery Robert Deniau was born from both desire to share my passion for interior design and art. I choose my artists by the complementary of their richness of artistic diversity. I favour French as much as international Artists.